Free parking is available within a mile’s walking distance to the start and finish lines. However, please note that parking spaces are limited and assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. We highly recommend arriving early to secure a spot.

The Village District: Approximately 0.8 mile walk (or an 18-minute walk) to the start line.

Fred Fletcher Park Street Parking: Approximately 0.55 mile walk (or a 15-minute walk) to the start line.

Cameron Park Neighborhood Residential Street Parking: Approximately 0.33 mile walk (or a 12-minute walk) to the start line.

All of these options are accessible without crossing any road closures utilizing Peace St. or Wade Ave.

Uber/Lift Dropoff

We recommend runners to use ride-sharing apps for their transportation needs, with drop-off and pick-up locations located north of Peace Street and Glenwood South.